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Legal Travel to Cuba

Yes, you CAN legally travel to Cuba! And yes, you DO want to! Having just returned from an amazing week in Cuba, I can assure you that you will not want to miss a visit to the largest island in the Caribbean. We were hosted by the most accommodating, welcoming and beautiful people I have ever met who openly allowed us to experience their country in a very rich and interactive way. We experienced the fresh and wonderful flavors of the food prepared by hand using fresh ingredients from the gardens, the sea and the farm. The diverse and vibrant music of this island from jazz to blues to traditional Cuban syncopated beats literally filled the air. Live music is the heartbeat of the Cuban soul. There is a great heritage of art and literature here. Hemingway was a famous resident for much of his life and his home and several of his favorite “haunts” are interesting to visit. There are also many world renowned fine artists living and working here, a few of which welcomed us into their homes and studios to chat and discuss their work. The Fabrica de Arte Cubano is a place that defies explanation. Also a venue for live music and guest artists from across the world, it is a virtual sensory explosion displaying eclectic masterpieces of every genre. Even a brief visit will amaze you. A visit to Cuba should also include some time outside the city. Here you will find an extremely diverse landscape from tobacco farms, rolling hills, rivers and waterfalls, caves, hiking trails, seaside villages, soft sandy beaches, sugarcane fields and quaint colonial towns. Perfect for those active travelers who enjoy the outdoors, you have a variety of activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, jeep safaris, hiking, swimming, caving, rock climbing, camping to name a few. If you prefer just relaxing and enjoying the beauty while partaking of the perfectly prepared food, delicious fresh fruit juices and the world’s finest rum, a few nights in one of the country’s picturesque “Casas Particulares”, small guest houses where you are greeted by resident hosts who treat you like royalty. Your trip to Cuba will be customized and fashioned to focus on your own particular interests and allow you to interact with the people who call this beautiful island home. It is close and accessible, only a short flight from Atlanta or Miami, a great destination for families or small groups. Contact me for more information about planning your next vacation to Cuba. Ph: 785-331-3311.

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