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Cruising the Imperial Waterways of Russia

Looking for something different for your next summer vacation? Cruising the Imperial waterways of Russia is truly the journey of a lifetime for seasoned travelers as well as first-time European explorers. This trip takes you from the beautiful classical city of St. Petersburg where you will visit the Winter Palace and the Hermitage along with the many other architectural wonders to the Volga River to Moscow for a visit to Red Square, the Kremlin and the many amazing cathedrals that occupy this world capital. (Don't forget to check out the Moscow Metro, an art gallery in itself!). Along the way, you will cruise through picturesque lakes to several unique villages where you will see lovely monasteries, cathedrals, and villages where local craftsmen create beautiful pieces of art, textiles and culinary treats to enjoy and bring home. Anytime from late spring to early fall is ideal for exploring the land of the tsars and learn more about the fascinating and rich history of this amazing land. Itineraries alternate, going from St. Petersburg to Moscow and then from Moscow to St. Petersburg throughout the season. Contact me for more information on this amazing experience!

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